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The Continent WB Jacket is ready to adventure! Armed with SEESMART protection for shoulders and elbows, along with an insert pocket for a SEESOFT back protector (sold separately,) it’s a guardian of your safety. Its softshell, full-stretch design exudes purpose, which only escalates upon unzipping the sleeves, unlocking enhanced mobility and ventilation. As an ultimate “in-between” garment, it metamorphoses from a mid-range temperature jacket into a warming off-road riding vest within seconds, underscoring its versatility.

  • 3L Polyester twill stretch construction
  • Cordura ripstop reinforcements
  • Removable sleeves transform the jacket into a vest
  • Subtle reflective elements on the back of arms and upper back for safety
  • Perforation on upper front for ventilation
  • SEESMART CE Level 1 shoulder and elbow protectors included
  • Pocket for optional back protector (sold separately)

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Sizing Information

We tried a size Medium and an XL on our Fit Check mannequins Huey and Dewey. Those are sizes they usually wear in an “American” cut jacket. This jacket from REV’IT! fits well enough and it looks sharp, but there is very minimal room left. Many brands from Europe exhibit a fit like this, such as Alpinestars. If you look at REV’IT!’s published size chart (below), you’ll see their estimate of chest size is at least a full size smaller than what you’d find in equivalent US designed clothing.

We measured each jacket and tried them on and we’ve concluded that the fit is just about one-half size smaller than what you would find in ordinary US men’s clothing. The amount the jackets are undersized is not as severe as REV’IT!’s size chart would have you believe. For most people, this means you’ll be able to buy the size you normally wear if you want a snug, European style fit. If you want a looser American fit, or if you are between sizes, choose one size larger.

Below is the REV’IT!-published chest size for each jacket’s alpha size along with our estimate of max chest and max waist/belly. This particular style is a sport/street style so there is only a moderate taper from chest to waist, and with a style like this you can effectively tailor the fit of the waist with the side waist adjusters, which makes the jacket look great and fit great, so don’t worry if your waist/belly is smaller than the max. We only list this for those that have a belly so they can know what minimum size they’d have to choose to fit the belly.

Note: Add about 1” to your chest and belly measurements if you plan to add a back protector. Add an additional 1” inch to your chest if you will add the chest protectors.

Jacket Size REV’IT! Published
Max Chest
Our Estimate
of Max Chest
Our Estimate
of Max Belly/Waist
Small 34-37 37-39 36
Medium 37-39 39-41 38
Large 40-41 41-43 40
XL 42-44 43-45 42
XXL 44-46 45-47 44
XXXL 47-49 47-49 46

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Our Two Cents

The Continent Windbreaking jacket from REV’IT!, a member of their DIRT series, is a softshell off-road based riding jacket that comes with the option to remove the sleeves to ensure comfort in varying weather conditions. Overall construction is a combination of a 3L soft shell, CORDURA® 750D ripstop and a REV’IT! WindBarrier® membrane which is laminated between two separate layers of fabric: a stretchable outer layer, and a soft fleece inner layer, this combination blocks against the wind, helps repel water all the while being comfortable and stretchy. The overall fit of this jacket is an “Active Fit” as it is designed to provide a full freedom of movement with minimal excess material which is increasingly important off road. As mentioned previously the sleeves are removable via zipper which would allow for greater range of motion and obviously would add additional cooling. Speaking of cooling there is also perforation on the upper front to help the jacket breathe.

Looking at protection, the Continent jacket from REV’IT! earned a AA abrasion resistance rating and comes with SEESMART CE-level 1 Elbow and Shoulder Protectors included, as well as a pocket for the separately purchased SEESOFT CE-level 2 Insert Back Protector. Additional safety features include a good amount of visibility with laminated reflection bits on the back, the uppers arms and on the logo on the back of the jacket. This jacket is also ready for the REV’IT! Avertum Tech-Air® Airbag – or a Tech5 airbag.

Moving on to comfort and convenience there are two slit pockets on the front of the jacket, there is a slit pocket at the back, as well as a inner pocket. One of the pockets also includes an elastic cord for your keys. For fit adjustability you also get tabs at the cuff as well as a drawcord at the hem.

Overall if you are an offroad rider, an adventure rider or a dual sport rider I can see the benefits that the Continent jacket from REV’IT! offers, for $349 you get a good amount of value for your money with the included armor, AA abrasion resistance rating and the materials used. Overall this jacket fit me as I expected it to in a size XL (my normal size) and felt comfortable for me to wear and move around in. I will also note that I thought the Mid Grey colorway looks cool in person, obviously if you are a fan of digital camo or not is a subjective thing, but I think it looks really good and was executed well with it not being too over the top and overwhelming but still being bold enough to make the jacket exciting and visible. :: Damir 6/28/24