Fit Check!

Buying apparel online can be a bit of a challenge with regard to fit. Of course we make returns and exchanges easy, but no matter how convenient it is, it is still a hassle. For years, we’ve carefully photographed and reviewed almost every apparel item we sell. We’ve also made efforts to check the sizing by taking note of how the garments fit on our live models.

But Now Our Fit Check Is Improved…

Meet Our Friends: Huey, Dewey, Louie, Laverne and Shirley!

Nobody can check the fit of apparel better than this crew! We’ve acquired a set of male and female “forms” for fit checking apparel sizes. Forms are more than just mannequins. They are specially built human shapes in industry standard sizes and they are used in the garment industry to make patterns for production clothing. They are not made for aesthetics (like store mannequins), but rather they are made like average, real people to help pattern makers design clothing that will fit a wide range of people.

By using forms, we will be able to evaluate the fit of products in a consistent way, and we’ll report the results to you. We’ll also show you pictures of how the jackets, pants and suits fit on the standard size forms. Repeat customers of ours will be able to identify with the form that most closely matches their size and they’ll become able to better judge fit when buying... imagine being able to say, “the last jacket I bought fit Louie just fine, and from the pictures, this one should too!”

Here are measurements for each of the fit crew and their best clothing sizes:

Model Measured Chest Measured Waist Best Clothing Sizes
Huey 41” 33” Jacket: Medium, 42 US, 52 Euro
Pants: 34” Waist
Dewey 45” 37” Jacket: XL, 46 US, 56 Euro
Pants: 38” Waist
Louie 49” 41” Jacket: XXL or XXXL, 50 US, 60 Euro
Pants: 44” Waist
Model Measured Bust/Waist/Hips Best Clothing Sizes
Laverne 35/26/36 Jacket: Small, Dress Size 6
Pants: Size 6
Shirley 38/32/39 Jacket: Large, Dress Size 12
Pants: Size 12

The MG Fit Check… One More Reason to Shop!