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Icon Airform Quarterflash Jacket

Black bolts and a massive 80s graphic punch bring the Airform Quarterflash jacket straight from the arcade to the street. It features a relaxed-fit chassis with a full complement of D3O impact protectors (Shoulder, Elbow, and Back). Warm-weather riding is addressed with four intake/exhaust vent and our AirFly mesh center vent for the ultimate in airflow. Additionaly, the Airform Quarterflash jacket comes with our waterproof level WP1 rating, sufficient for light showers.

  • Icon Sport Fit
  • Durable 420D Polyester Chassis with Internal Reinforcements
  • D3O Removable Viper Back, Elbow, Shoulder LP1 Impact Protectors – EN 1621-2:2014 / EN 1621-1:2012
  • AirFly center front stowable mesh panel
  • Chest and back zippered vents
  • Stowable hood
  • Vented cuff zippers
  • Waist adjuster draw cord
  • Weather-resistant level WP1

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Sizing Information

We tried the size Medium in this jacket on Huey and we put an XL jacket on Dewey. These are the sizes they normally wear and both fit great. My advice would be to wear the size you normally wear in men’s clothing.

If you look at Icon’s chest size estimates for each jacket, you might be choosing a size larger than you normally wear (for example a person with a 46 chest typically is an XL, but using Icon’s chart you’d buy an XXL). If you use our estimates of max chest, you’ll probably be choosing the size you normally wear.

Contrary to Icon’s marketing info which says this jacket has an “Icon Sport Fit”, which implies a snug torso and a large taper from chest to waist, I find this jacket to be pretty “relaxed” and therefore belly size won’t be a problem for most. But if you have a bit of a belly, you’ll want to get a measurement and make sure to choose a jacket large enough to work.

Size Icon’s Chest Est Our Max Chest Our Max Belly
Small 36-38 38-40 38
Medium 38-40 40-42 40
Large 40-42 42-44 42
XL 42-44 44-46 44
XXL 46-48 46-48 46
XXXL 48-50 48-50 48

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Icon Airform jacket is new for 2021 and is a hooded and semi-waterproof everyday riding jacket shell. It is offered in three different color schemes that are offered by the names Airform Battlescar Jacket, Airform Retro Jacket and then the the solid color Airform Jacket. Women’s specific sizing is offered in both the Standard Airform and Airform Retro (but not the Battlescar). Please take the links below to view the different versions and genders offered.

I’d characterize the fit of this jacket as comfortable and suitable for everyday use. The shell is a single layer which makes the overall construction simple and relatively lightweight. The shell material is coated with a material to resist water. None of the zippers on this jacket are waterproof, so you’ll likely take on some rain in a prolonged ride in wet weather, so consider this style to be “waterproof lite”. Panels of more flexible material are worked into the shell design under the arms to make the jacket more comfortable and flexible. Over the shoulders and elbows, they’ve added a layer of the shell material to beef up the abrasion resistance. For everyday use, I think you’ll really like the overall design.

All the Airform jacket versions are fitted with a full complement of D30 level 1 armor… shoulders, back, and elbows, so the armor package is very good and there is nothing else to add (many European brands don’t come with a back pad as standard). D3O is a very well regarded product which you’ll find in other quality brands as well such as Klim.

Regarding the hood… If you are a hood fan, you’ll probably love this jacket, and judging by the marketing descriptions, Icon is in love with them too. Personally, I’m not a big fan of hoods on any of my clothing so take my observations on a FWIW basis. Begin rant. I personally think the hood design here is a “swing and a miss”. Firstly, it isn’t removable, and the “neck” portion is quite tall which makes it bulky if fully zipped to your chin. Secondly, the “stow-able hood” feature really doesn’t work like it should. It is a single short strap with a patch of Velcro. From what I can figure out, they want you to roll up the hood and use the strap to secure it to the little loop just inside the collar (the loop you’d normally use to hang the jacket on a peg). If the hood was thin/soft material, it might work, but this material is pretty heavy and when you roll it up, it’s more like a small pool noodle around your neck which no doubt will rub on your helmet. And of course, if you leave it un-stowed it’s going to catch the wind since there is no “keeper” snap to hold it down in back. So like I said, make sure you really like a hoody. End rant.

On a brighter note, the feature I really like here is the mesh panel that can be used in lieu of the main zipper to allow you to catch a great deal of cooling during warmer weather (see our photos to get the idea). By my recollection, we can credit the folks at Joe Rocket/Powertrip with this invention from about 15 years ago. They called it the “big air” zipper. Anyway, it is a good idea that is simple and it works great. There are also zip vents on the upper chest and in back. In addition to the big front zip, there are two smaller chest vents and also the sleeve end vents zip down to create a sleeve-end vent. So lots of venting and I think you can manage a wide range of temperatures moving well into summer months. For cooler weather, you can layer under this jacket with your own garments. The shell will provide a good windbreak. :: Paul, 05-18-21

Icon says: The hood game is strong at ICON. The Airform™ obliges with an iconic hood, which stows for high-speed motorcycle riding. The relaxed-fitchassis is built from lightweight reinforced polyester equipped with a full complement of D3O® impact protectors (shoulder, elbow, back). Sufficient for light showers, the Airform jacket comes with our waterproof level WP1 rating. It easily adapts to summer riding with four intake/exhaust vents. Additionally, it features our AirFly™mesh center vent for the ultimate in airflow. Comfort, style, and multi-season riding performance from the brand that invented hooded motorcycle jackets.