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Icon Contra 2 Pants (Small Only)

  • Icon overpant fit
  • Mesh Riding Pant
  • CE Certified D30® Knee and Hip Protectors
  • Custom Buckle Adjustment System
  • Inseam Zippers for easy on/off
  • Ballistic Nylon Paneling
  • Reflective Accents

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Sizing Information

I measured a sampling of these pants and developed a chart to help you choose a size. My best advice would be to measure your waist (just under your belly button) and choose a size based on the measurement. These pants are made to be worn over street clothes, so when you measure, do so over the clothes you think you’ll be wearing under them. The waistband is adjustable down in size by about 2” total (1” on each side) to help you customize the fit (but doesn’t adjust larger). The large adjustment will help you tune the fit over different clothes

Below is the selection chart I put together based on my measurements. The waist sizes are about two inches larger than other “alpha” sized pants we’ve carried from Icon, and considering these will be worn over your clothes, that makes sense.

Pant Size Max Waist Inseam
Small 32 33
Medium 34 33
Large 36 34
XL 38 34.5
XXL 41 34
XXXL 44 34
XXXXL 46 34

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Icon Contra 2 pants are made to be worn over your street clothes. They are full mesh so they will work in hot summer temps. D3O armor is included for the knees and hips.

Most of the shell of this pant is a loose weave mesh material so these overpants are made specifically for hot summer months. Air will blow right through them. They are constructed as traditional overpants so you’ll want to wear these over your street clothes. The mesh is pretty darn open weave, so I don’t think I’d recommend these over just underwear because your underwear would be visible through them. The advantage to an overpant worn over your street clothes is the protection offered by the armor and the reinforced material in the seat and knee areas. So, if you take a spill, you’ve got some protection. These overpants are constructed with long zips on the inside of each leg which means you can step into our out of these pants without finding somewhere to change clothes so they are ideal for touring riders, or commuters. And when you wear overpants like this, say for work, you will keep your street clothes cleaner.

D3O armor is supplied for the knees and hips. The knee armor height is adjustable. The knee armor pocket inside the pant has three openings so depending upon which opening you choose, it gives you a high-medium-low position.

I’d characterize the overall heft of these pants as light duty. The mesh material isn’t as robust as regular textile material pants, but the idea is that the pants perform well in hot weather. I think these pants will work great for everyday summer use over your street clothes. The armor quality is top notch. :: Paul, 04-12-19

Icon says: All of the airflow all of the time, the Contra 2 pant features our Iron Weave Mesh, ballistic nylon paneling, and an over-pant fit to be worn seamlessly over your favorite pair of pants or shorts. The waist adjusters allow you to fine-tune your waist fitment, while the full leg zippers make egress and ingress a breeze. The chassis is paired with 3-position D3O® knee impact protectors, resulting in a light yet resilient piece of gear.

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