TCX X-Five Waterproof Boots - 2015 ::

TCX X-Five Waterproof Boots

  • Full grain leather upper
  • Waterproof lining
  • Protection consists of reinforced shift pad, shin plate, heel counter and malleolus inserts
  • Anatomic and replaceable footbed
  • Touring sole with specific grip area
  • CE Certified

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

We find that TCX boots are generally an easy fit and they are consistent from one model to the next. And we have very good luck using their size chart to convert from US sizes to their Euro size. Go here to view the TCX Sizing Conversion Chart page for help in choosing a size.

We estimate the width to be about “D” or medium. These are slightly wider than Sidi boots and fit much like Alpinestars.

Our Two Cents

We scored a great closeout deal on this X-Five waterproof boot. TCX is a quality boot and I think you’ll really enjoy what you get here. It’s a traditional street/sport/touring boot with a built-in waterproof liner. And this boot offers a full leather upper, which I think will break in great and become a favorite pair of boots.

Like any good street/touring boot, these have protection in all the usual places…. either side of the ankle bone, shin and over the toe (where the shifter hits). They also have stiffened toe boxes and heel counters. You’ll also feel that the sole has some sort of internal stiffener in the arch to withstand your weight when you bear down on the pegs.

Have a look at our photo gallery for internal and external heights and also to see the sole design which is TCX’s standard sole for street and touring. Overall, a great boot at a bargain price. :: Paul, 06-06-17