We Are Not Currently Accepting Items, Our Closet Is At Capacity!

We operate our Customer’s Closet department so you can buy and sell good quality used motorcycle gear. Every rider likes new gear, but what to do with the old? It’s wasteful to throw stuff out, but it can be a hassle to find a new home for it too. Well, no longer… we’ve made it easy for customers to sell items and earn cash or store credit.

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Excluded Items:

  • Items must be clean and odor free. We can’t resell items that are dirty, that smell, or that are covered in pet hair. Smoke smell is OK as long as it is disclosed.
  • We don’t sell gear that has experienced damage from a crash or is otherwise flawed significantly. We don’t repair and nobody wants to buy stuff that they’ll have to fix or is unsafe.
  • We don’t sell helmets from individuals…. even if they are still new in the box. We may offer scratch and dent, open box helmets directly from a distributor. Nothing personal… it’s basically a liability issue.
  • We won’t sell no-name inexpensive cruiser gear. Good examples are black leather Marlon Brando jackets, chaps, etc from Pakistan (or similar).
  • We won’t sell relatively inexpensive “house brands” from various stores such as Bilt by Cycle Gear, Sliders by Competition Accessories, XElement by Leatherup, etc. These products are relatively inexpensive with marginal quality and we’ve not had good luck reselling them for significant dollar amounts.
  • We don’t sell Harley branded gear. It’s nice stuff, but we just don’t have a good deal of traffic visiting our store looking for that sort of thing.
  • Items that have a value of $50 or less are generally not valuable enough to make it worthwhile for all concerned.
  • We are not accepting bike accessories or electric/heated clothing for re-sale.

Note about Women’s Gear: Selling women’s gear is more difficult than selling men’s gear. There seems to be more of a supply and not as much demand (so it’s not me being sexist… it’s just an issue of economics). Women’s gear that DOES sell is of the same brands of gear that we sell as new products. Why? Because the traffic that comes to our site are people looking for items we currently sell (thanks to Google and similar). Also, used women’s gear needs to be priced competitively… more so than equivalent men’s gear. So before submitting an item please check to see if the brand name of the item you want to sell is the same as one of the brands we carry * AND be prepared to offer the item at a very competitive price.*

How It Works

Tell Us All About It: Using our handy-dandy submission form, you’ll give us contact information and descriptive info about the item(s) you want to sell. This will include your proposed selling price, and at least one decent picture.

We Review: We’ll review your item info to make sure it is complete and that the item(s)/prices are “sell worthy”. We’ll correspond with you via email to clear up any issues.

Ship It To Us: For convenience, you’ll get a free pre-paid UPS label via email (usable from the continental US only). Meanwhile, we’ll patiently do nothing until your item is received.

We’ll Sell It: As soon as your item arrives, we check it over and compare the item to your submission info. We might make a few extra comments to the product posting, but otherwise, it will immediately appear for sale in the Customer’s Closet department just as you submitted it.

Sold! : When somebody buys your item, you’ll be paid in whatever form you requested when you first submitted the item. There is no delay because we will take care of re-selling if an item is returned.

Payment and Commission

The payment amount will be the selling price minus the commission as follows:

Store credit option: 10%.

Cash option: 30%

The minimum commission for any single item is $20.

For suggestions on pricing, how to take good photographs and more, visit our Closet FAQ

Contact us at customers.closet@motorcyclegear.com