We Are No Longer Accepting Items, The Demand For Used Gear On Our Site Is Not What It Once Was

The used motorcycle apparel market typically shops on local sites like LetGo or Craigslist or on national sites like eBay. Sellers have more luck with those marketplaces these days so we are no longer accepting items into our Customer’s Closet. Traditionally we operated our Customer’s Closet department so that you could buy good quality used motorcycle gear.

Use the links on the lower left to view what is currently for sale!

Excluded Items:

  • We don’t sell gear that has experienced damage from a crash or is otherwise flawed significantly. We don’t repair and nobody wants to buy stuff that they’ll have to fix or is unsafe.
  • We don’t sell helmets from individuals…. even if they are still new in the box. We may offer scratch and dent, open box helmets directly from a distributor. Nothing personal… it’s basically a liability issue.
  • We won’t sell relatively inexpensive “house brands” from various stores such as Bilt by Cycle Gear, Sliders by Competition Accessories, XElement by Leatherup, etc. These products are relatively inexpensive with marginal quality and we’ve not had good luck reselling them for significant dollar amounts. __________

Payment and Commission

The payment amount will be the selling price minus the commission as follows:

Store credit option: 10%.

Cash option: 30%

The minimum commission for any single item is $20.