Eduardo B. from Florida

August 5, 2021
I've raced and ridden bikes for like 50 years. This Klim Adventure Rally Air jacket is best protection I've ever had. Be sure, you'll never get such protection and still be able to tell it is FRESH. Of course standing still you do get hot, but that changes immediately you're on the go and I don't mean you need to go full throttle to get comfortable. Some say you could run the jacket without the neck piece for it to be more ventilated. I wouldn't do it, as the opening left is too wide and the neck piece is so ventilated that it would make little sense to taking it out. Now the cuffs are a bit stiff, you can still maneuver them to close and fit over the gloves. It is not as important to close them tight as the braces on the forearms and the arms (not elasticated, but FIRM Hook and Loop) can be cinched to make sure the jacket arms stay in place. But additionally on the positive side the cuffs left a bit open funnel air into the arm, that air RUNS fast inside considering the protection you have on the elbows doesn't permit air to flow thru it, but it HELPS it RUN up you arms up to your shoulder. So to conclude, this is a very nice jacket, the price as always in is best to all, and Aaron is the man, always there to fix whatever you may need or ask for. Thank you much.... and.... Ride SAFE and FRESH !!!
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