Brian J. from Ohio

April 14, 2021
Here is a photo of me in my new Icon Hypersport GP Gloves. I know that the gloves do not go with the style of the rest of my riding ensemble, but it was late, and my wife wanted to take as few pictures as possible ; - ) It is still quite chilly here in Ohio, so I haven't ridden with the gloves yet. I did purchase the Hypersport 2 Prime Pants and Jacket (Happy Birthday To Me ; - ) to wear with the gloves, when the weather finally gets warm enough to wear perforated gear. I will complete the ensemble with my Shoei RF 1200 Helmet in the Philosopher Graphic (hi-viz) and The AStars SMX 6 V2 Vented boots in black/hi-viz. I may not ride fast, but I will look like I can/do (too old for the foolishness ; - ) I always ride well within my limits, but I love looking stylish while I am doing so. Ride safely everyone!!! Peace, Brian J
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