Chris V. from California

January 5, 2021
I tend to avoid buying gloves online, since sizing can vary, and fit is essential to hand comfort and safe control. However, reviewing the Joe Rocket Outrigger information on, it looked like a safe bet, and the clearance price was tood good to pass up. The Outrigger is a great glove for California "winter", which is to say that I'll probably never ride with them in temps less than the mid 40s. I can get by on my morning commute with a general purpose riding glove, but the hands get very chilly. I have worn non-armored textile insulated gloves, but wanted something with more protection. The Outrigger feels soft, like a high quality general winter leather glove, but with the armored features of a motorcycle glove. The knuckle protectors are pliable and not hard, and do not dig into your hands. The insulation is fairly thick, but does not impede hand movements to control turn signals and switchgear. The zipper running up the gauntlet portion of the glove needs to stay unzipped to fit over the cuff of my winter riding jacket, or can stay zipped if I want to put the jacket over the glove. As the information states, the zipper does not keep the glove from being pulled off rather easily, so these may not stay on your hands after a serious impact, and I hope I never have to find out. Winter temps in my area of Southern California get down to the mid to high forties, and my commute is about 20 minutes long. I'm very happy to report that in 48 degree dry weather, my hands are almost as warm when I get to work as they are when I put them on in my garage. There is no wind penetration, and the insulation works. I usually fit between a large and an XL, as I have wide palms and short fingers. The Outrigger large fits well, and does not have too much extra material in the fingers, except the pinky, which is typical of most gloves for me. Very happy with the Outriggers!
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