Chris V. from California

January 19, 2021
Scorpion Bixby Gloves: I ordered these gloves since I like Scorpion products, and figured a brown pair of gloves would pair nicely with some of my retro-lookng gear. The reviews for the Bixby related to size are all over the map, so I was hesitant to order at first. I have wide palms and short fingers. So, a large is usually tight but with good finger length, an XL is comfortable in the palm but with too much material in the fingers making turn signals and switches a challenge. I went for the large and have to say that the fit is true to size for me. They are a bit snug but not uncomfortable, and I can tell after a few rides that they will break in nicely. The quality is good, but the brown color is darker than I anticipated. I took a picture of one of these gloves next to a black glove to give a comparison of the color. They are not bulky but do block wind well. I have ridden with them in low 50s as a test and my hands weren't freezing, but I'd recommend them for more moderate temps. The clearance price is fantastic for a glove of this quality. Cortech The Standard Riding Jeans: I have ridden with these jeans for quite a while, and ordered a back-up pair when they went on clearance at Not much to say about the styling, they look like regular dark blue jeans. As others have said, they fit like a standard pair of relaxed fit jeans from Wrangler or similar. The inside of the jeans are fully lined with either yellow kevlar or a mesh material and velcro to secure any knee or hip armor you would want to insert. I put a spare set of knee armor pads in the jeans, and there are a few different velcro closures to help keep them somewhat in place, but the velcro at the adjustment spots does not extend across the armor pocket, so periodic adjustment of the knee armor is necessary. If there is anything that I'd consider slightly annoying about these jeans is that you have to be careful to point your toes straight down as you put them on, or your toe can catch on the armor pocket. The lining makes the jeans a little warm in hot weather, but also tolerable in cold temps. Overall a good value in my book.
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