Andy from Wisconsin

August 25, 2020
Really satisfied with the jacket so far. Had to take it for a test ride on a 85F humid day. Was not unbearably hot, but I think this will still be a nice jacket for winter. I like the color of the jacket, it's very dark brown, almost black. The armor is sort of low profile, it's almost hard to tell that this isn't just a regular leather jacket. I like the clean lines and lack of logos, it could be just worn as a regular jacket, especially with the armor out. I want to comment on the fit of the jacket. I'm 5'11", about 170 lb. I don't find the jacket as "American cut" as described. My measurements are smaller than Huey's, so I was worried a Medium was going to be too roomy. It's really not too bad. It'll also be nice, living where it gets cold, to have some room to put some 1-2 layers underneath as well. With the elastic side panels, I could have a much bigger belly and it would still work, but a lot of the room that I expected is taken up. There is a little bit of torso "bagginess" but it's all in the back, so I'm pretty happy in this regard. I ride a Z900RS, so it's a standard/slightly sporty riding position, and I do wish the sleeves were a hair longer (maybe 1/2" to 1"), but it's fine where it is. It's a minor gripe. The end of my gloves (EVS Assen) meet right where the sleeve starts. Overall very satisfied. Great value as well. Leather jackets can be pretty expensive, and I felt like this was a lot of jacket for the price.

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