bill n. from Alaska

July 24, 2020
First Ride. ATG-ATT YOU WILL WEAR IT LOUDLY,PROUDLY. Never noticed the Vest. Ok,it is A BEAUTIFUL SHADE OF Orange,heavy to the hand has an Industrial build But NO-NEVER - N O T - FOR ONE MOMENT was it "Apparral-intly" {:new word) in the way. NO WAY was it noticed. It wears Very Well. That means somebody knew what they we doing! Does it work? Hope it is never needed. Track Day? Safety Gear can provide some level of interference from,sliding,scraping,cutting and with this BALLISTIC VEST-Bouncing. No guarantees EVER and with this level of C0-2 "Injection Protection" your NECK, RIBS, BACK are under the "Bubble". Why a Vest vs a Jacket? The equiptment you WEAR protects you. A VEST THIS PRETTY,WELL DESIGNED Protects you for less than the cost of a ...? It looks/FEELS RIGHT: Doing everything you can to be SAFE. Your Friends/Family will understand and probably know that you really care about them. A+ RIDE SAFE and Smile... = 0 9

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