Bob S. from Indiana

June 25, 2020
FirstGear RUSH AIR jacket Very well designed lightweight jacket that flows a lot of air. The mesh goes all the way into the armpits, which is a nice feature as some jackets stop short and allow you to swelter under the arms. This flows air nicely. The back armor pocket is very small. I added an Alpinestars Size SMALL Nucleon KR-CELLi back protector and it barely fits the pocket. I believe the neck/top of the zipper could be designed a bit better, it is more comfortable to wear zipped up to the top than partially open because the zipper will rub your neck/skin if partially unzipped. Does not have a sleeve pocket at the wrist like my FirstGear Kilimanjaro or my Klim Apex Air jackets, that is a feature I really miss! But it flows so much air that its a pleasure to wear even on hot/humid days.

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