Brian J. from Ohio

December 3, 2020
For frame of reference, I am 5'10" tall, 200 pounds; 44 inch chest and a 36 inch waist. Cortech is a new brand for me. The color blocking of this jacket and the price made it well worth the effort to get one of these. They have been on back order ever since. I have worn both the jacket and pants around the house. It is winter here, so I haven't worn them on the bike yet, but I plan on getting a second jacket once they come off of back order. The jacket is snug, which you absolutely want in a sports jacket, and the matching parts are great, too. Pick up a matching set, if you are lucky enough to fin one in any other color than black. I've got noting against an all black Batmanesque riding outfit. I already have several of those though ; - ) Peace, Brian J

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