Chris V. from California

December 14, 2020
I've owned several Scorpion helmets, and this one is slightly on the snug side compared to others, but not to the point of being uncomfortable. Noise level is about the same as other Scorpion helmets I have worn, no more or less. Field of vision to the sides is the same and adequate. upper field of view is a bit lower than normal but not obtrusive, and is no doubt due to the extra overhang required by the drop-down shade. On my previous Scorpions that have a side-mounted lever for cracking the face shield for ventilation or locking it full down (500, 410, 320), the lever faced backwards. This made for an intuitive swipe of the glove up or down to raise or lower the shield. On the T510, the lever faces forward, which requires a more deliberate hand motion to raise or lower the shield. Overall a solid value, especially at the clearance price.
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