REVIT Quantum 2 One Piece Suit ::

REVIT Quantum 2 One Piece Suit


  • Panels on hump, lowers arms, lower legs, shoulders & upper arms.
  • Perforation on lower back, lower front, sides, upper arms, upper back, upper front & upper legs.
  • PWR fuse airmesh on shoulders & speed hump.


  • BETAC shoulder protectors “S” Type B
  • BETAC elbow protectors “E” Type B
  • BETAC knee protectors “K+L” Type B
  • SEESMART RV30-L1 on hip
  • Prepared for SEESOFT TYPE RV on back
  • Prepared for SEESOFT DC-L1-B on chest
  • TPU elbow sliders
  • TPU protectors at knees
  • Dual-comp knee slider type A
  • Dual-comp protectors at shoulders
  • Safety seams
  • Double layered seat
  • Coccyx protection

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Sizing Information

I’ve reproduced REV’IT’s official size chart for suits below. I took my own measurements and found the suits to measure out consistently with the chart with regard to max chest. I found the max waist in their chart to be a bit optimistic. I found the max waist/belly to be at the lower end of their range. For example, the size 50 suit had a max belly/waist of about 34”. As you can see from the chart, the chest sizes for each European size are about what you’d expect in the smaller suits, but in the bigger suits they are running small. Example: most times a 56 Euro suit will have a 46 max chest, but these suits have a 44” max chest.

Suit Size Max Chest Max Waist
48 37-38 33-34
50 39-40 34-35
52 40-41 36-37
54 42-43 38-40
56 43-44 40-42

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