Jan K. from Minnesota

February 12, 2014
Man I love this Ballistic Revolution Jacket from Joe Rocket –grin! Not only is it lighter, and softer, but it certainly looks sharp (my girlfriend love it lol) plus all pockets including a huge right back side zipped one is spot on. Just remember it is not a mesh or hot weather jacket, even with their great and easy chest and back exhaust vents I’m not sure how good of a circulation I will have due to the sowed in waterproof liner. Well it suits me, because up in Minnesota we plenty have cooler – warm days. Now as we know, liners are really a pain. Especially if they are not color-coded to secure the sleeves.. it drives one bunkers especially if you are in a hurry. Well with this one, we have color codes on the end of the arm sleeves a yellow and black one (wish it was red and not black). It took me less than a minute to remove and put it correctly securely fitted. No fiddling anymore… thanks Joe Rocket! The rain gutter on the main flap is a nice touch and so is the about ½” mesh at the inside end of the Jacket to drain any kind of fluids. Plus all buttons are coated in soft rubber.. feels great. Now, sadly I have one complain, my neck is a 19-20” and I have broad shoulders so the Velcro to secure the collar is too short. I will glue an additional piece of high quality Velcro to extend the current piece. I like to see a different design in the future, like a buckle and swing it around to fasten it. Overall an excellent affordable buy, I love it..

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