Biltwell Lane Splitter Or Gringo S Baseplate Kit ::

Biltwell Lane Splitter Or Gringo S Baseplate Kit

This is a replacement base plate kit for Biltwell Gringo S and Lane Splitter helmets. There are two parts that make up the base plate kit. These two parts fit behind the shield up next to the helmet to provide the ratcheting action when you raise and lower the shield.

Each base plate kit sold here will replace ONE base plate assembly for one side of your helmet. If you want to replace the base plate assembly on BOTH sides of the helmet, you need to order TWO of these kits.

If you want the replacement washer and screw that secures the shield to the base plate kit, then take the link below to buy a “hardware kit”. They are offered in several colors. The hardware kit contains two screws and two washers, so you only need to order one kit to replace those parts on both sides of the helmet.

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Fits Gringo S or Lane Splitter helmets.

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