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Cortech The Standard Riding Jeans (34x32 Only)

You know better than to ride in cotton denim riding jeans, so we’ve taken your favorite 14oz denim jeans and fully lined them to add extra protection from tear and abrasion. You get added safety without jeopardizing your style.


  • 14oz 100% cotton denim outer shell.
  • Waist to shin 165GSM lining made with DuPont™ Kevlar®
  • Assembled using high strength contrast polyester thread.
  • Double over-lock safety stitched critical seams and added internal safety stitching.
  • Relaxed fit seat and thigh, straight-cut legs, and mid-rise waist for comfort.
  • Western style 5-pocket design
  • Button closure and YKK® zipper
  • Internal pockets designed to fit optional SAS-TEC® knee and hip armor (armor available separately)
  • Adjustable knee armor for a custom fit (6+ inches of vertical adjustment in the knee armor)
  • Available SAS-TEC® knee and hip armor for “The Standard” jeans available here.

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Sizing Information

I measured a selection of these pants and found the waist size of the pants to measure out consistently at 2” larger than the stated size. Most men’s jeans will be sized this way these days…. it’s called vanity sizing. Since these jeans are vanity sized much like most other jeans, you’ll be choosing the same size you wear in other jeans.

If you want to double check sizing, you can measure your waist and/or measure the waist band of your favorite jeans. And then choose a size knowing the waist on these pants measures about 2” larger than stated size. If you find yourself between sizes, I’d recommend going with the smaller.

The inseam on these jeans measures out at about 32” or slightly longer. As of this writing, 32” is the only inseam offered. Perhaps in the future, there will be longer/shorter inseams offered.

The overall fit of these jeans is generous. I’d characterize them as a “full cut” jean (not slim fit) with a full seat and thighs and with a leg opening large enough to easily go over boots.

Need help measuring? Get it here..

Our Two Cents

Cortech’s “The Standard” riding jeans are an all purpose riding jean with on-board reinforcements behind the denim from the waist to below the knees to give better abrasion resistance for motorcycling. Armor for the knees and hips is optional.

“Standard” is a good characterization for these jeans. The denim is exactly what you’ve probably seen 100s of times on Levis or other mainstream brands all your life. These jeans are a darker wash and I expect the jeans will fade with wear. They feel pretty comfortable and have a very relaxed fit. I can image sitting in the saddle for hours with these jeans without them becoming uncomfortable.

Like many other motorcycle specific jeans, these are reinforced with Kevlar fabric liner from the waist band to below the knee. Many jeans we sell are only reinforced in the seam and right around the knees only, so having a full liner is a plus.

These jeans are set up to accommodate optional knee and hip armor. The pants have pockets in the hip area so the hip armor inserts just slip into the pockets. The knee armor pocket is a bit more complex because it allows you to adjust the height of the armor in the pant. The knee armor pockets have strips of Velcro that engage the armor which is fitted with the mating Velcro. Take the link below to buy the armor. Be sure to select the “Knee Armor With Velcro” when selecting the knee armor (there are two types that will fit knees/elbows in Cortech apparel).

I like the construction features and the price of these jeans. For those that want a more relaxed cut jean, this one should work great for a very reasonable price. :: Paul, 03-20-19

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Chris V.
Location: California

I ordered these gloves since I like Scorpion products, and figured a brown pair of gloves would pair nicely with some of my retro-lookng gear. The reviews for the Bixby related to size are all over the map, so I was hesitant to order at first. I have wide palms and short fingers. (Read more...)

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