FirstGear Rover Air Overpants ::

FirstGear Rover Air Overpants

  • Poly mesh main construction
  • Knee and saddle abrasion-resistant impact panels
  • Waterproof, breathable, removable liner
  • 2x zippered hand pockets
  • 2x zippered thigh cargo pockets
  • Easy access side leg zippers on both the outer shell and removable liner
  • Waist side adjusters
  • Hook-and-loop adjusters on leg cuffs
  • Secure fly closure
  • Jacket conjunction zipper
  • Anti-slip saddle patches
  • Reflective Accents
  • Removable CE-approve Level 1 Knox™ Micro-Lock™ armor at the knees and hips

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Sizing Information

We measured the waist and inseam for a variety of sizes and we found the sizing to be comparable to standard men’s pants or jeans. The measured waist of the pants is about 1” to 2” larger than the stated size (called vanity sizing). Most people can find a fit by choosing the size they normally wear in men’s jeans if you plan on wearing these overpants over light clothing or shorts.

How to choose a size by measuring: Measure your own waist OVER the clothes you plan to wear under this overpant. These pants are higher waisted than some jeans and pants that sit lower on your hips, so when you measure, do so just below the navel. Choose the size pant that corresponds to the measurement you took. Even though the overpants are a bit bigger than your measured size, this will leave room for the removable liners.

These pants have Velcro tabs on the waist that allow you to adjust the size DOWN by a few inches if necessary (but they don’t get bigger). The inseams matched up with FirstGear’s 2012 sizing guidelines. Here is their chart:

Pant Size Regular
30 31.5 - -
32 31.5 - 34
34 32 30 34
36 32 30 34.5
38 32 30 34.5
40 32 30 35.5
42 33 30 35.5

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Rover Air Overpants by FirstGear are for wearing over your street clothes. They’ll give coverage to protect your clothes and will work in a wide variety of weather conditions including hot summer temps. The sturdy textile/mesh shell with armor will provide abrasion and impact protection in case of a fall. Armor is included so there is nothing else to buy.

Note: The Rover Air Pants are an overpant. They can be worn over underwear as a riding pant, but they are primarily meant to wear over street clothes. If you want to pant without the construction details of an overpant, consider the Rush Air Pants (take the link below) which is a more simple riding pant.

The Rover Air pants have long zippers up the outside of each leg to just above the knee. Those zippers allow you to easily step into/out of the pants which is a nice feature for commuters and touring riders who want to wear a riding pant over their street clothes. The overall fit is pretty relaxed cut and are big enough to fit over your clothes. A couple nice features as compared to past FirstGear styles are: the waistband has nice wide and effective Velcro adjusters on each side of the waistband, and the closure at the waist is a snap/hook combination that won’t pop open under pressure (a frequent gripe of mine with past FG designs).

Almost the entire outer shell of this overpant is flow through mesh material so these pants will be just the ticket for summer use. But they aren’t just for hot weather… the pants also have a two liner setup included so you can handle wet and or colder weather too. You can use one or both of the liners depending upon the weather conditions. The waterproof liner will keep you dry in a rain, but will also act as a wind block which will extend the usable temp range of the pants just by blocking wind passing through the mesh shell. And in colder weather, you can add the thermal liner inside as well. That liner adds a layer of insulation for winter temps. With the use of both liners, I think these pants could be used year-around.

Both knee and hip armor inserts are included. The armor is Knox brand which is a well respected brand. It’s a garden variety soft rubber energy-absorbing kind which is rated CE 1. It is very flexible and should be comfortable to wear. Over the knees, the pants are well reinforced with a double layer of the textile fabric too. The seat gets a double layer as well.

Other nice features here: BIG reflective patches on the sides of the legs for nighttime visibility; a short rear connection zipper you can use to connect to a FirstGear jacket OR you can ask your tailor to mount the mating zipper half (included with the pants) into your existing or future jacket to make the connection. A total of four zip-close pockets are included here, which is a decent amount on a pair of pants.

I think these pants give a lot of practical functionality, and will be great for all-year use to all kinds of riders. :: Paul, 04-23-19

FirstGear says: The Rover Air features removable CE-approved Level 1 Knox™ Micro-Lock™ armor at the knees and hips to absorb and dissipate blows, while enhancing the pant’s fit and performance with hook-and-loop adjusters on leg cuffs. Connect a jacket for a waterproof full suit with the conjunction zipper.

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