Schuberth Helmet Lock ::

Schuberth Helmet Lock

The Helmetlok provides security and theft prevention for your Schuberth helmet. The carabiner-style lock will secure your helmet to any model bike!

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Our Two Cents

This is a handy lock to secure your helmet to your bike when you walk away. This helmet lock is so easy to use. You can open the lock and feed it through the D ring on your helmet, and then secure to something solid on your bike. There is a “T” shaped metal extension you can use for some extra length if needed.

The lock has a simple four pin combination lock that you can change at any time. We like the rubberized padding around the carabiner which seems like a good idea to protect your bike. The lock and “T” extension can easily fit into a small pocket in your jacket or in a tank bag.

This lock isn’t as secure as some other locks I’ve seen, but it will dissuade the average petty thief who walks by and spies your shiny new helmet without being overly large or complicated. :: Paul, 01-03-19

TIP: The lock is IDENTICAL to the Helmet Lock II listed below for less. Those who want Schuberth’s name on the lock will like this one though.

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